Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

 A. Seven (7) days replacement policy. Defective item is legible for replacement if and when:

            1.  Unit has manufacturer's defects (e.g. Dead pixel, Hot pixel, No power)

            2.  Unit has returned within seven (7) days from the date purchased.

            3.  Unit is returned in sealable condition.

            4.  Unit is returned together with is respective warranty card and proof of purchases. Failure to present both warranty card and proof of purchase will render said warranty null and void .

            5.  Defect is subject to the discretion and further judgement on the part of the seller.

            6.  Defective item endorsed after seven (7) days from the date of purchase isn't legible for replacement.

            7.  Not more than 100 shutter count.


 B. The WARRANTY specially covers the cost of camera repair (check-up and labor service only) starting from the date of purchase.

            1.  If and when repair of defective item requires replacement of part/s, the cost of said needed replacement  part/s and possible courier fees for provincial clients SHALL BE SHOULDERD by the CLIENT.

            2.  The WARRANTYapplies only to items having manufacturer's defect. Nature of defect is solely the discretion and verdict of the company's technical departrment and affiliated authorized service centers.

                                     2.1  However, manufacturer's defects such as but not limited to the following: Dead pixel, hot pixel, No flash and Pop-up flash are not covered by the SERVICE WARRANTY.

 C. Defects arising from the Costumer Misuse automatically revoke the SERVICE WARRANTY. In this case, all costs concerning repair of defective itemSHALL NOT BE AT THE EXPENSE of the CLIENT.

              1.  No power due to corrosion (water, rust, dust, moisture, mud and chemical reactive spillage)

              2.  LCD Defect due to (cracked LCD, Corroded LCD Flex)

              3.  Stuck-Up Lens due to (Lens Barrel stuck at an odd angle)

              4.  No Flash due to corrosion ( corroded flash unit, flash board, power board)

              5.  Camera Malfunction due to unit being accedentally dropped, bumped, or any other situation where which there is any hazardous condition involved.

              6.  Forced Pop-Out flash which cause flash malfunction.

              7.  Overcharging which results to battery leakage or overheating.

              8.  Cleaning is not part of WARRANTY because its not considered as factory defect.

              9.  Courier fees for provincial client.


 D. We do not provide replacement warranty and service warranty for accessories (such as but not limited to the following: Video head, drum unit, head lamp, laser unit, batteries, battery pack, power adapter, plugs and or plastic coveringused with the prouct). 

 E.The WARRANTY becomes void or null if the serial no./model no. of product has benn tempered with or removed.

 F. Underwater cameras are NOT COVERED in the warranty

 G. Defective accessories with SERVICE WARRANTY is subject to the discretion and further judgement on the part of the seller if can REPLACE.

 H. SERVICE TIME IS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY OF PARTS. If and when, replacement part/s are needed to complete a repair; client expressively agrees to until said needed parts have been delivered and repair is completed.

 I. Warranty terms and condition are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.